Stomach Pump Samples


The lower Owens River is staying at 100 cfs and is allowing me to get out and consistently catch trout and collect stomachs pump samples. I will be posting stomach samples once a week on Thursdays to show fly fishers what a trout has been feeding on. Use these stomach samples to determine what a specific trout is feeding on and to determine what insect hatches are present and what hatches to expect in the coming weeks.


Today’s fish stomach sample is brought to you by a 12-inch brown trout caught at gate 8 on the WTS of the lower Owens River caught on a #12 Czech stoner nymph. This fish was caught at about 1:15 p.m. Mayfly nymphs, stick caddis, midge nymphs, midge adults, and midge pupae made up the sample. Note that in the upper right-hand corner of the insects is a stick caddis with its head peeking out of the case. The mayfly nymphs are approximately a size 18 nymph hook.

Current stomach samples can be found on my Facebook page until the page goes live.

Photo Apr 21, 12 03 52 PM.jpg